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My name is Sampo and I'm the most recent addition to TactoTek's supply chain management team. Working as a supply chain specialist, my main responsibilities are related to day-to-day activities in ensuring material availability such as purchasing, as well as in- and outbound logistics. As a fresh M.Sc. from the University of Oulu (Industrial engineering and management) I'm stoked to be part of a growing company creating cutting edge technology - in my dearest hometown!

 My first contact with TactoTek took place in a form of an university group project in late 2018. The group work included interviews, which we conducted in the company premises. The warm welcome along with the genuine enthusiasm arising from the interviewed employees really got my interest, even though it took some time to understand what the company's product really is. After the successful project, I attended Pesti Career Day in the university and having had a fruitful conversation with TactoTek's representative I got an invitation to a job interview.

 The recruitment process consisted of three 1-hour interview sessions during the spring 2019. In these sessions I met people from HR and supply chain management, as well as project managers from both customer projects and advanced engineering projects. Even though a bit laborious, this thorough recruiting process gave me a good overview of the company in general, and the responsibilities and possibilities I was to expect if I was to become employed by TactoTek. I was told about the startup culture and flexible job roles, of which I got a very tangible example as I saw a project manager along with a HR person packing customer demo samples during my factory tour. During the recruitment process I was kept updated of what would happen next and who I was about to meet in the next interview. Soon after the last interview I was offered a job and after finishing my Master’s thesis, I was happy to start my career here in August 2019.

 The working environment here is great. I think that in a rapidly growing company, blending in as a newcomer is easier as new people are constantly being hired. People are used to new faces and are welcoming and helpful, and the induction along with other general things are organized well. Working with such an exotic thing as IMSE technology, one really has to see it with their own eyes to be able to understand it. TactoTek emphasizes this by placing the new recruits to the production floor in the first weeks. Indeed, I completed my first working tasks in a clean room wearing a smurf-suit.

 Out of office I race bikes on a national level, and I’m certainly not the only endurance sport fanatic here. We even have a weekly jogging hour with the team on Tuesdays after lunch, and a warm place to store those precious bikes!

 In my role I am continuously in contact with practically the whole organization: project teams, production & warehouse, finance and sales. And of course, our suppliers. As an industrial engineer, this kind of wide playing field suits me well. Coming from a company with headcount 100-times larger, a lot of things run differently. Here I enjoy the opportunity to see the whole supply chain of a product and the direct impact of my doings. I believe that this, in addition to the highly skilled colleagues, makes TactoTek a great place to continue my career and learn about the business in various dimensions.





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